Redesigning a Kitchen with Light

The kitchen is probably the room in the house where you and the family spend the most time. When you enjoy the space, the kitchen chores may not be so bad! Many of us have fond memories of family and friend’s kitchens, so if you don’t enjoy your kitchen, let’s come up with a remodeling plan.

Adding windows or a skylight may be an option to a better look and feel for your kitchen. An updated counter shape, size or different color and material change the whole kitchen. New cabinets can give you more space and a more efficient traffic pattern.  New, younger appliances can also change the look of your kitchen, as well as save you money on your power bills because they use electricity or gas more efficiently. Updating your kitchen adds value to the house, as well as making it easier and more fun to cook!

Give me a call, I have plenty of before/after photos of updated Kitchens in Meridian, Boise, Eagle and other Treasure Valley locations.  I have references and reviews from past clients, and I am licensed and insured.